Privacy improvements on OGN written by OnlineGamesNet at 03.03.2014

Your privacy is important for us. To improve your privacy we have introduced a new feature on our IRC network, which protects your IP address information even if you don't have any auth account yet. Right after you are connected to the network your hostmask will be replaced by <identifier>.guest.OnlineGamesNet.

nickname (~ident@2z813jw7abf7gh93e3mg04u8w.guest.OnlineGamesNet) has joined #help

For authed users <authaccount>.user.OnlineGamesNet will remain.

In order to put this live the autohide function of all auth accounts on the network has been enabled. No extra action is required from you.
If you do not want this protection feature you have to do as follows: disable autohide and use login-on-connect. For further information and to answer your questions feel free to visit us in #help.

your OnlineGamesNet staff.


New network rules written by OnlineGamesNet at 19.11.2011

We did some minor modifications to the network rules (Link). Please note, that by connecting to this network, you agree to accept these rules as the terms & conditions of using our network.


Applications closed written by OnlineGamesNet at 08.05.2011

We're thankful for all applications we received in the last week and will now proceed to sort them and provide an answer to all candidates.

OGN staff


OnlineGamesNet staff-applications opened written by OnlineGamesNet at 01.05.2011

You are an experienced IRC user and know how to pass this experience to other users ? Maybe think about applying at OGN staff as IRC supporter today and visit our application page for further info.

Regards, OGN staff