OGN Registration Guideline Change written by OnlineGamesNet at 01.02.2015

We want to inform you that we have changed our channel registration guidelines. While the old part for formal channels (e.g. for Gameforge, alliances/guilds and projects) has changed only slightly, we introduced a new kind of channel type: the informal channel. These channels, starting with ## (e.g. ##myChannel), can be registered for all purposes that are not covered by formal channels.

The requirements for these channels and further information can be found in our new registration guidelines here.
The registration process is, same as it was before, by creating a ticket in #help.

your OnlineGamesNet staff.


Webchat / Privacy / Channel mode written by OnlineGamesNet at 16.11.2014

We got some news for you today about our webchat, the privacy, and a new channel mode.


We decided to disable our java-based chat, and we also implemented an automatic authentication to our WebChat:
OR (direct link that can be bookmarked)

If you are successfully logged-on here, you will be automatically authed during the connection process.

[] == Connected to server.
[] == *** Checking Ident
[] == *** No ident response
[] == *** Checking login
[] == *** Login accepted

Due to the fact that your hostmask (set in your AuthServ account) must match with your current, there is also a web-based process to verify yourself -- don't be surprised about that.

We were also informed about an issue with special characters in user auth passwords -- therefore it could be necessary to remove these chars and take a longer password instead.

The official OGN webchat is from now on also reachable over the default HTTPS (443) port. This makes the webchat also usable for user behind firewalls and proxys.

Privacy and Security

The irc ( and the webserver ( got new (valid) SSL certificates. Connections to the website/webchat (see above) or to IRC (using SSL) will be encrypted and authenticated. Further details about the certificate can be found here

Since last weekend, all internal connections between the IRC servers are fully encrypted.

New channel mode (+S)

We want to introduce you our new channelmode +S. If set, only SSL/localhost connected users are able to join a channel.

These recent changes make the OGN to one of the most secure IRC networks :-). If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in #help.

your OnlineGamesNet staff.


Privacy improvements on OGN written by OnlineGamesNet at 03.03.2014

Your privacy is important for us. To improve your privacy we have introduced a new feature on our IRC network, which protects your IP address information even if you don't have any auth account yet. Right after you are connected to the network your hostmask will be replaced by <identifier>.guest.OnlineGamesNet.

nickname (~ident@2z813jw7abf7gh93e3mg04u8w.guest.OnlineGamesNet) has joined #help

For authed users <authaccount>.user.OnlineGamesNet will remain.

In order to put this live the autohide function of all auth accounts on the network has been enabled. No extra action is required from you.
If you do not want this protection feature you have to do as follows: disable autohide and use login-on-connect. For further information and to answer your questions feel free to visit us in #help.

your OnlineGamesNet staff.


New network rules written by OnlineGamesNet at 19.11.2011

We did some minor modifications to the network rules (Link). Please note, that by connecting to this network, you agree to accept these rules as the terms & conditions of using our network.