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Applications closed written by OnlineGamesNet at 08.05.2011

We're thankful for all applications we received in the last week and will now proceed to sort them and provide an answer to all candidates.

OGN staff


OnlineGamesNet staff-applications opened written by OnlineGamesNet at 01.05.2011

You are an experienced IRC user and know how to pass this experience to other users ? Maybe think about applying at OGN staff as IRC supporter today and visit our application page for further info.

Regards, OGN staff


New request tool for users published written by OnlineGamesNet at 29.11.2010


from today on, OGN staff provides a new option for certain types of support requests. They include the notification about new bad-words that were posted in channels with Watchdog as well as requests for trusts (increase of maximum connections per IP), project channels (if they're game related) and iAuth changes (about special user privileges on the server).

Check out for further details.

Kind regards,
OGN staff


6th anniversary of OGN written by OnlineGamesNet at 04.09.2010

It was 6 years ago, on september the 4th 2004, when this network started existing - back then known as "OGameNet" and targeting for players of a single game only.
A lot of things have changed since those days and OnlineGamesNet as well as the GameForge have grown larger, so now more than a dozen games in even more countries have chans and players on our servers.

The OnlineGamesNet administration and staff wants to thank all users of our services for their support - and as a token of our appreciation, we now offer all registered users the usage of Login on Connect including an increased channel limit of 25 (instead of the normal 20) for everyone using this LoC.

All information about setup and usage of this LoC can be found at our wiki.
If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact our support staff at #help to get your problems sorted out.

Best regards,
the OnlineGamesNet Team


New Spamserv written by OnlineGamesNet at 22.08.2010

we've updated our version of SpamServ to a more featured and stable one.
Thanks to feigling for sending us the code!

Unfortunately all settings were lost during the update cause of incompatible database structures.
A explanation of the new SpamServ is available @

the OnlineGamesNet Team


Server restart & IPv6 written by OnlineGamesNet at 24.05.2010

we plan to restart some of the OGN servers on Wednesday (26.05.10).

After this we will be providing IPv6 connections (including SSL, default ports) over This process should result in a short (~5 minute) downtime.

For further information visit: IPv6.

Your OGN-Staff


New channel mode +M written by OnlineGamesNet-Dev team at 23.11.2009


Today we restarted the last server and now a new channel mode is available: +M.
This mode prevents messages to multiple chans from being sent to your channel. This includes the so called amsg ("PRIVMSG #chan1,#chan2,#chan3,... :text") and also scripts or clients that send a message to multiple channels.

OnlineGamesNet developers


New wiki released written by Wiki Staff at 07.10.2009

in the last weeks, we prepared a relaunched version of our OGN wiki to provide even more and better support to our users. One of the new key features, is the multi-language capability, which will try to give every user information in his native language.

To further improve this service, we welcome all users of non-covered languages, to start translating pages and articles to their mother-tongue. If you need help in the setup and style of the articles, feel free to contact the OGN-wiki staff on, in the channel #OGN-wiki.

Best regards, the wiki staff


Registering accounts via IRC written by H3LL at 28.09.2009

we are sorry to announce this but
due to judicial reasons, we disabled the registration of accounts via IRC.

Please use the webbased frontend at .



English srvx class written by Staff at 05.06.2009

On Sunday, June 21st, the we will provide a SRVX class to our users written in english.
The class will start at 7 p.m. (GMT) - standard times for different time zones are given below in #class on our network.

Subjects of this class will be:
   - general informations about our services (AuthServ, ChanServ, MemoServ)
   - important channel settings (rank order, topics, modes)
   - bans and 'punishments'

Best regards
OnlineGamesNet Staff

Starting Time: 7 p.m. GMT !

This would be

   - 2 p.m. (e.g. New York)
   - 3 p.m. (e.g. Buenos Aires, Brasilia)
   - 7 p.m. (e.g. London, Lissabon)
   - 8 p.m. (=20.00, e.g. Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid)
   - 10 p.m (e.g. Moskau, St. Petersburg)
   - 2 a.m. (e.g. Beijing, Hongkong)
   - 3 a.m. (e.g. Tokio, Seoul)


OnlineGamesNet updated! written by OnlineGamesNet-Dev team at 05.06.2009

After a half year of development and testing we have finally updated the whole
OnlineGamesNet IRC network to a new IRC server software. The update went almost
well with a short hardware breakdown and a small bug that we discovered while
updating, however, we are proud to announce that our new server
software is now up-to-date and running smoothly on the whole network.

Users of our testing servers may have already discovered new features, but now it's
time to show you, our dedicated userbase, the benefits of the update and why we took
the burdens to give you the chance to enhance your IRC experience.
But before coming to the interesting things, you have to take into account that
the IRC server software is not related to our Channel and Authentication services
(ChanServ/AuthServ/...). They are developed separately. However, everything is
based on the IRC server software so our other services may adapt features from
time to time and also provide additional functionality.

For the curious people, our IRC server software is still based on the ircu from
the lovely people on the Undernet IRC network (
and heavily modified by us. Many of our own midifications are already known to you,
but the main new feature is called: Login-On-Connect. Short: LOC.
This feature allows you to authenticate with our services (AuthServ) directly when
connecting. This is done by passing your username and password as the server-password
separated with a colon. An example for the commonly used mIRC client is:
/server <account>:<password>
That is as an real example:
/server gix:myhiddenpassword
When you connect you will see something like:
* *** Checking login
* *** Login accepted
Then everything went fine and you are authenticated to AuthServ. If you got the message:
* *** Login rejected
Then you probably passed a wrong password or your account does not allow further
authentications. If you get into trouble, you can find help as usual in #help.

If you use psyBNC, then you should not use a colon as separator but a space. This is
needed, because psyBNC interprets the colon spuriously as command separator. However,
funnily, as things are in our world, using a space as separator works *ONLY* in psyBNC
and most clients like mIRC interpret it wrongly.
As a special feature, your can prefix your account name with an exclamation mark which
rejects your connection when the login is rejected (eg., !gix:myhiddenpassword).
Still questions about it? Play around with it, visit our Wiki or ask at #help.

Another feature is that you can remove channel mode +d now. Channelmode +d is set by the
IRC server automatically when you remove channelmode +D and there are still hidden users
in the channel.
Channel operators can now remove channelmode +d and force all hidden users to be revealed.
If you have no idea what channelmode +D and +d are, I refer you to our wiki here, because
that would be too much information to talk about.

It is now possible to create command aliases for community bots. That is, bots like "chip"
may now be controllable through a new command /chip which can be configured dynamically.
Requesting those aliases is currently limited and general rules have to be approved.

The WebIRC feature is now available on every server. What does that mean? It's simple. You
can now connect to every server on the OnlineGamesNet through trusted WebIRC providers like without being killed due to too many connections with the same host.
This is done by introducing you with your real host instead of the host of your webirc
provider. Currently only mibbit is a trusted provider.

The SSL engine has been rewritten. The old engine seemed to be buggy and caused heavy CPU
loads on the servers. The new home-brewed SSL backend (written from scratch) fixes this and
furthermore allows the traffic between two servers to be encrypted, hence, it is possible
to encrypt the whole traffic between you and the user talking to you.

These are all new big features. There are lots of small changes. Only to give a short overview:
- Official bugfixes include: more than 1000 lines of bugfixes/code-improvements
- Own bugfixes include: more than 100 lines of bugfixing/code-improvements
- Own features include: more than 10000 new lines of code
(You should know that one line of bugfixes is more work than 100 lines of new features.)

That is, small bugs like erronously set channel topics or modes are hopefully fixed now and
many time related server synchronisation issues have been fixed by finally running time
synchronized daemons. Furthermore, many new internal features have been added. Those backends
allow us to continously add new functionality to our services which could not been added
previously because there was no way to realize this. You may encounter small changes in the
next year if we release new services. Keep watching for new features!

You think that there is more place for improvement? You would have expected more bleeding-edge
functionality? Tell us what you think about the OnlineGamesNet. Give us feedback and help us
improving the network. We rely on your feedback and your creativity can directly contribute to
a greater experience on the OnlineGamesNet.

You may have noticed that we replaced all occurrences of "OGameNet" with "OnlineGamesNet". The
network was renamed long time ago but this step was not done yet. We thought that this should
be done to be more uniform, though, we knew that this may break some community bots. We are
sorry for that but plan to create some mailinglist for the community where we will announce
such changes.

Last info for users getting "BAD Username" connection problems: Please change your ident to a
word only containing lower case letters from 'a' to 'z'. In mIRC you can do this by changing
your email address in the options. This email address does not have to exist and can be set
to anything.

We are sorry for the 30min downtime on our update day but we
hope your will enjoy the OnlineGamesNet.

The OnlineGamesNet Team.


Network Update written by H3LL at 04.06.2009

Hi everbody,
tomorrow at 10'o'clock german time we are going to update our whole irc-server software. Because of that srvx will have a downtime of about 30 minutes, the homepage will be offline and you'll have a disconnect.
More information with new features will follow soon :)

Regards H3LL


IRC Event - Results written by OnlineGamesNet at 03.04.2009

our Event is over now - here are the winners of 2x10€ coupons:

- Kirby
- m0wlwurf
- penguin

And the TOP10 List:

1) daN
2) BrianC
3) fireflies
4) Poptart
5) DrSMy
6) Skillpauschale
7) Paso
8) Caym
9) mafmaf
10) Enlendil


1st April written by OnlineGamesNet at 30.03.2009

Instead of an April's fool this year, we will start the month with a 3-day IRC event.

It’s based on a game called paper chase.
It starts in the channel #10Q which will open that day. In the channeltopic you will find the starting question. The answer to that question will bring you into a new channel with a new question and so on. Only an (auth) account is required to play.

From all the winners who reach level 10, we will draw 3x2 GameForge coupons (for you to use on any game) - worth an amount of €10.
You can help each other, but keep in mind that the more people who win, will decrease your chances of winning!

We wish you much fun and good luck!

Your OGN-Team


New Service avaible: MemoServ written by H3LL at 03.03.2009

Dear Users,
because of a lot of requests from your side we decided to enable MemoServ on our network.

MemoServ is a "User-to-user Memorandum Service" and allows you to send messages to other users even when they are not logged in! The recieve your message as soon as they enter the network and login into their SRVX account.

Intrested? Read more on: MemoServ(en), MemoServ(de), MemoServ(nl), MemoServ(pl), MemoServ(es)

Regards H3LL


SRVX Class (de) written by German supportstaff at 12.12.2008

Am 14.12.2008 um 18 Uhr bietet der OnlineGamesNet Staff deutschsprachigen Usern eine srvx Class an.

Die Classthemen werden sein:
  - Allgemeines über AuthServ- und ChanServ Befehle
  - Wichtige Channel-Einstellungen
  - Channelmodes
  - Wie setze ich ein Topic?
  - Wie banne ich richtig?

Die Class wird ca. 60-90 Minuten dauern.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
OnlineGamesNet Staff

edit: Das Log findet ihr hier in unserem Wiki.


OnlineGamesNet now capable with Mibbit! written by H3LL at 10.11.2008

Hi dear OnlineGamesNet users,

in past I recieved a lot of emails from you where you wished to have OnlineGamesNet being capable with Mibbit.
After some weeks going by I'm proud to say that one of our servers was patched.

You can use the Mibbit Client on our Website or connect directly from the Networklist at

Please do NOT use as Mibbit Server. You may be glined cause of too many connections!

Thanks for telling me this news but what the hell is Mibbit?

Mibbit is an ajax based WEBIRC-Client. It's relaying your connection over the mibbit server so that you can connect to our network even if our servers ports or IP addresses are blocked from a firewall.

We hope this feature will make it more easier to use our service.

the Network Management


DDoS again written by H3LL at 09.08.2008

Hi guys,
as you may noticed there is a DDoS against our network again. We will inform you when our network is fully reachable again!

Edit 20-08-2008: Most servers are reachable again. Everything is getting normal now. Please be patient if the network is still a bit unstable. We are working on that!


SRVX class (fr) written by OnlineGamesNet at 14.07.2008

Dans la continuité des classes allemandes et anglaises sur nos services SRVX , le staff d'OnlineGamesNet va faire la première classe française le dimanche 20 juillet 2008 sur le salon #class dès 20h00 (ouvert à partir de 19h00, heure de Paris)

Les sujets de la classe sont :
- Informations générales à propos d'AuthServ et ChanServ
- Les paramètres importants d'un salon
- Les modes des salons
- Comment mettre en place un topic
- Comment bannir correctement

Le cours va durer entre 60 et 90 minutes

Le staff d'OnlineGamesNet


SRVX Class (en) written by OnlineGamesNet at 24.06.2008

After months of preparation we have finally accomplished the first english class about our SRVX services.
The OnlineGamesNet Staff will held it on:

Sunday, June 29th 8:00 pm [UTC+2] #Class (Admittance around 7:00 pm [UTC+2])

The class topics are:

- Generals about AuthServ and ChanServ commands
- Important channel settings
- Channel modes
- How do I set a topic?
- How do I ban correctly?

The class will last about 60-90 minutes.

Best regards
OnlineGamesNet Staff


DDoS against the Network written by H3LL at 24.12.2007

On the 20th December 2007, the first DDOS started against OnlineGamesNet services. We apologise for the downtime and all the trouble that it caused and are pleased to announce the network is now reachable again.

To reach the network the address is

We hope this won't happen again and would like to wish everybody a merry christmas!


Welcome to our new website written by OnlineGamesNet at 02.09.2007

Hi all,
the OnlineGamesNet has a new dress. The Layout is completely redone, a completely new site awaits you. We hope you will like it. If you find any bugs or have issues, please join #help.

Thank you and enjoy !

The IRC-Team


OGameNet becomes OnlineGamesNet written by OnlineGamesNet at 22.12.2005

Since December 22th 2005 the OGamenet isn't only a IRC network for OGame, it's a network for several online games of the GameForge AG.

For the new purpose of the network it got a new name: OnlineGamesNet.

For this we made new Network Rules and Registration Guidelines.

The old server address stays active and we added the new adress


AuthServ-Accounts written by OGameNet at 03.10.2005

You can now register AuthServ accounts via an easy web-based interface:


Proxy-Scan written by OGameNet at 06.09.2005

For a few days we are running a proxy scanner now which scans all users connecting to OGameNet for open/insecure proxies.
This scan is needed to keep out malicious users and bots. "Attack alerts" from personal firewalls should be ignored since they are NOT attacks but proxy scans. The source IP of these scans is


Start of the OGameNet written by OGameNet at 04.09.2004

Welcome on OGameNet, the IRC network of OGame.

To add OGameNet to the server list for mIRC, use this command: /server -a -g OGameNet -d OGameNet IRC.
If you just want to connect using mIRC: /server -m - the "-m" means, that you additionally connect to OGameNet, without disconnecting from the other network(s) you are on.
The main channel of the network is #ogamenet, you can talk about anything in there.

Please read the Network Rules before you connect.

To register an AuthServ account you can use our webinterface.
If you want to register a channel, for example your Alliance, join #help.
It would be ideal if you had an AuthServ account registered beforehand.
Please read the channel registration guidelines first.

On this page you can find a description of the new features which we have implemented into OGameNet-Services (srvx 1.3).