Registration Guidelines
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OnlineGamesNet IRC network provides a meeting space for all users of Gameforge AG games as well as related topics. This space is organized in formal channels - for game support, for guilds and alliances, for game related projects and much more - and additional informal channels to offer a place for private chatting and other interests.

Channels for certain purposes will not be registered at all - among these are
  • channels intended to follow illegal activities
  • channels intended to spread or support hatred, politically extremist or moralistic dangerous contents
  • channels that may not be registered due to technical reasons.

Upon a user's request, following kind of channels may be registered:

Formal channels

the name of such channel is preceded by a single #. The only channels that may be registered as formal are official channels for Gameforge projects/games, alliance channels for players of Gameforge games, project channels. A group of users who want a channel related to any Gameforge game or programming may also request a formal channel.

  • Gameforge channels - Used for official projects as well as Gameforge staff. Can be requested only by Gameforge staff or Community Administration. A list of official community channels where you can talk with other players can be found here
  • Alliance/guild channels - A member of an alliance/guild playing any Gameforge game may request up to 3 channels for this alliance. Channels can be used to communicate with other alliances or players as well as your alliance members. There are a few rules that must be followed to get the channel(s):
    1. The name of the channel must be similar to the alliance name or tag
    2. The alliance or guild must have at least 3 members while requesting such channel(s)
    3. Only alliance/guild member or owner can request such channel(s)
    4. The channel can be registered after the specified server/uni officially starts

    Alliance or guild channels can be requested via IRC. Just visit #help channel and ask for a channel registration.
  • Project Channels - Users providing any IRC-related services, users who want a special channel for an event related to a Gameforge game as well as group of users who want to have a channel related to any Gameforge game or programming related topics may request a Project Channel. This type also has some rules what must be followed to get such channel:
    1. The project must be online already
    2. There is a website which is actively and clearly used for the project
    3. The project can not have the same name as the requesters account name

    Project Channels can only be requested at our Request Tool available here. Your project will be evaluated, this can take up to 3 days.

Informal channels

The name of such channel is preceded by ## signs. Each channel that doesn't fit the formal channel rules and doesn't break any of OnlineGamesNet channel registration rules may be registered as an Informal channel. The following rules must be followed to get an Informal Channel:

  1. The name of the channel must start with ##
  2. The name of the channel cannot consist of any Gameforge, or non-Gameforge game
  3. The channel cannot be used for any purpose listed in Formal Channels rules
  4. The name of the channel cannot include "staff" or "team" words
Informal channels can be requested at the general support in #help.

Exceptions from above rules are decided by the network management. Users violating the network or channel registration rules multiple times may be barred from future channel registrations. Additionally every channel remains property of OnlineGamesNet and OnlineGamesNet Staff reserves the right to deny the registration of a channel or shut down a channel completely and permanently. If there is any ambiguity about a rule, interpretation of the rule is done by the OnlineGamesNet Staff. If you think a channel violates one or multiple rules, you may report these violations to the Support-Staff at #help. All information given there is kept confidential and you will stay anonymous from the channel owner and other users.