To connect to OnlineGamesNet use the following address: (IPv6: or choose a server manually.

The public OnlineGamesNet IRC Servers are:

Server Ports SSL Ports IPv6 Admin Provided by 6660, 6666-6669, 8080, 9070, 9876 6697, 7776, 9099 X n/a GameForge AG 6660, 6666-6669, 8060, 8080 6697, 7776   n/a GameForge AG (sponsored) 6660, 6666-6669, 8080 6697, 7776 xerox JaBSnG

By connecting to this network you give us the right to probe your machine for open proxies/wingates.

The content of these sponsor websites are not under the control of the OnlineGamesNet so we do not take responsibility for it.

Please note: If you connect to a sponsored IRC server (does not end with you also accept their Terms and Conditions which are not under control of the OnlineGamesNet.

Security Notes
All connections between the IRC servers are fully encrypted!

The SSL server certificate for is signed by COMODO CA Limited.

SHA1 fingerprint: 03:B6:D6:74:D5:F1:47:E3:F4:CB:04:A5:E9:2A:88:F4:54:F4:DB:48
SHA256 fingerprint: 74:9A:5D:E5:47:C1:3E:07:E8:8F:BB:95:30:02:85:4F:06:9E:58:5E:5D:03:4B:89:FA:F3:EC:28:5A:0F:F8:18
Bubble-babble: xebor-kehal-gyhyz-cocev-fytus-recup-hopad-pedoz-guhiz-gukug-mixox

The chain of trust can also downloaded manually:

The certificate bundle is also available on our webserver: