OnlineGamesNet Staff

A short overview about the OGN staff can be found here!
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Account Position(s) Joined
sleepy Network Administrator June 2004
ZeRoFiGhter Admin Support,
Network Administrator
December 2005
Prox Division Director March 2008
Alruvil Support Leader,
Wiki Leader
January 2007
Guronzan BNC Staff,
Support Leader
October 2009
Razr BNC Staff,
CMS Member,
Support Leader
March 2014
Victor CMS Manager,
Support Member
May 2011
Eurynomos Support Member,
Trusts and Watchdog
January 2007
Buddy Support Member March 2014
Disconnect BNC Staff June 2017
Ethereal Support Member January 2009
HeisSpiter Developer,
Support Member
March 2012
Inviere BNC Staff,
Support Member
January 2013
lagu Support Member March 2011
ne0sid BNC Staff,
Support Member
May 2011
Tomaaas BNC Staff,
Support Member,
Wiki Staff
April 2010
|Shark| BNC Staff January 2007
gix Developer January 2010
T3rr4N Wiki Staff August 2009
xerox Server Administrator October 2015